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Who We Are @ The Lance

Jarrett Claeys
I’m Jarrett Claeys, and I’m a senior in the Contemporary Journalism class. I shoot archery, along with driving race cars throughout the summer. When not doing those things, I spend my freetime working on restoring and repairing my 1949 Chevrolet truck and my 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass.



Mercy Schaffert

Hi, I’m Mercy! I’m a senior and I’m involved in Service Club and not much else. My favorite movie is Mystic Pizza and I like sewing my own clothes. I have strong opinions on chai lattes.

Ethan Windt Bio.jpg

Ethan Windt

I’m Ethan Windt a senior in high school and am part of the contemporary journalism class and The Lance. I take part in Lancer Productions and am in many plays. I love movies, food, books, and video games but I love writing even more. I’m very excited to be a part of The Lance and become a larger part of the North Scott community. 


Bevan Henderson

My name is Bevan Henderson and I’m a senior. I moved here from California in October 2020 and started going to school here in the 2nd semester of Junior year. My favorite food is probably tacos and my favorite show is The Office.


Amanda Borkhart 

Hello! I am Amanda Borkhart at North Scott High School. Many people call me Manda or Mandi but I go by whatever. I am 18 and a senior. My hobbies include: cooking, reading, writing, and herping. I strongly dislike milk, people who walk slowly in the hallways, and spiders. I plan on going to community college and figure out what to do with my life after I finish my associates degree. My dream job is to become a best-selling author and a professional snake breeder. My favorite activity is to spend time scrounging around the house, puzzling, and competing against my partner over Call of Duty. You can find me rarely posting on Instagram at: manda_borkhart and rarely updating on Wattpad at: MissAmandaB


Annika Harris

Hi, my name is Annika Harris and I am currently a senior. In this class, I am in charge of creating content and writing many things such as articles, reviews, etc. Some things I like to do in my free time are experiencing new places and going camping with my family and spending time with my friends. I also have 2 little brothers who are twins.

Lancaster .PNG

Jaelyn Lancaster

My name is Jaelyn Lancaster. I create content for the Lance page. On my free time I like to do activities with friends and family when I am not working. Along with baking, cooking, and shopping. I have 2 sweet goldendoodles and 3 brothers.  


Kellie Costello

My name is Kellie Costello and I am a senior. I am in Band, Choir, Theater, and Jazz Choir. I am planning on going to Scott Community next year, in order to explore possible education and career options. I like music, dancing( Although I'm not good at it), singing, cooking, cheesy crime T.V., drawing,  and the color purple. I am in the contemporary journalism class to explore journalism as a possible career.


Bailey Newberry

Hey, I’m Bailey Newberry! I’m a senior this year and I’m involved in yearbook, tennis, and service club. I’m super excited to be involved in The Lance because I love writing! My favorite things are my dog, reading, hanging out with friends, getting coffee, and listening to Taylor Swift (of course). 


Ava Garrard

I’m Ava Garrard, and I am a writer for The Lance as well as a senior here at North Scott. I am super excited to be a part of the “revival” of The Lance this year. I’m pretty active, so I love running, biking, hiking, fishing, camping, and really doing anything outdoors. Aside from this, I also love all things English related. Some of my favorite books include The Great Gatsby and The Outsiders. I am also involved in activities such as cross country, track, National Honor Society, and FCA.

Grayson Juel Bio.heic

Grayson Juel

My name is Grayson Juel, and I am a senior here at the high school. I have been involved in football at the school and boy’s volleyball outside of school. I have also been very invested in writing and producing music that has been released on streaming platforms everywhere. I am a die-hard fan of Pixar movies and my favorite is the movie Up. I am very passionate about writing and journalism in general. I really like bagels and cream cheese. If you want to stream my music you can find me on apple music and Spotify or follow my Instagram @graysonjuel.


Drew Sandberg

My name is Drew Sandberg or Drew Sand either one works. I am a senior at North Scott high school. I make art and also really enjoy listening and making music as well. I used to play baseball for 10 years and also played roller derby for 2-3 years. Im also involved In art club and FFA outside of school. I want to become a Art teacher after highschool. Im working hard with Mrs. Mess to achieve those dreams. 


Anaya Kitchell

My name’s Anaya Kitchell. I’m 17 years old and I’m a senior at North Scott High School and after this I plan on going into Sonography at Kirkwood. My interests are painting, drawing, and writing. 


Frankie Bell

My name is Frankie (Mallory) Bell and I’m a junior. I enjoy drawing and writing, which is why I decided to write for The Lance. I’m familiar with the arts, as I used to do band and choir, along with the theater. Dying and cutting my own hair is one of my skills, so I’ll always have changing hair colors! 


Sierra Johnson

Hi, my name is Sierra Johnson and I'm a senior at North Scott. I'm very excited to be in Contemporary Journalism as a writer and graphic designer for the new and improved newspaper “The Lance”! I really like experiencing new things and can’t wait to make this year an unforgettable one. I'm in band and art, and I recently got a cat and named him Semi. In my free time I listen to a lot of music and I enjoy driving around with my friends. 


Caden Romero

My name is Caden Romero, and I am a senior at North Scott High School. I love writing and teaching people new information -- especially surrounding various sciences. I am a writer, reporter, and photographer for the North Scott Press, and I aspire to make scientific discoveries as a psychological researcher after high school. My favorite things are teaching others and talking about my passions, and I participate in Service Club, NHS, and SGA. 


Delaney Goodding

My name is Delaney Goodding. I work on the graphic design team for The Lance. I’m 17 years old and a senior here at North Scott. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends and listening to music. I have an older brother and 2 cats at home. 


Cayden Carlson 

Hello there! My name is Cayden Carlson and I’m new to Iowa. I moved from Hawaii in late January, 2022. I’ve worked in computer programming and babysitting. Both teachers and students at this school have been very nice and welcoming. I’m excited to be part of the The Lance team and help in any way I can!


Sean Chapman

My name is Sean Chapman and I helped create The Lance a few years ago, but now we have a full-time class to run it, and I’m happy about that. I’m the father of two boys, live in Rock Island, and play in the band Subatlantic. Kirsten Day, my sweetheart, is chair of Classics at Augustana College.

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