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Is Bachelor Capture Becoming A Memory?

She lets the curls fall from the iron, framing her face perfectly. Lips the right shade of coral to match her radiant dress. She looks in the mirror one last time before heading out the door. He runs the comb through his hair, slicked back. Outfit on point, with his coral tie tied just the way his dad showed him. He looks in the mirror one last time before heading out the door. The principal grips his jacket, sliding it on with elation. He presses down his collar and adjusts the buttons. He looks in the mirror one last time before heading out the door. He will soon be met with hundreds of kids: laughing, dancing, making memories.

Bachelor Capture. The annual dance held by the North Scott Student Government.

The 2016 Bachelor Capture will be held on Saturday, February 6th from 8-11. Tickets priced at 8$, along with some Post Prom Volunteers offering water and coat/bag check. The cost is $1.00 for water and $1.00 for coat check.

Something different this year, however, is that Student Government has tried to take a different theme approach and given it the theme of “Un-Valentine's Day” to encourage as many people as possible to come.

Why would they do this?

An email interview with Co Presidents: Lauren Van Blaricom and Ashley Clark give us insights on their thinking:“The theme for BC this year is "What's Love Got to do With it". We chose this theme because typically BC is our lowest attendance dance and we wanted to shake things up a bit. Ali Schmitt was the one who proposed the idea. Typically we sell around 200-250 tickets for BC, other dances we sell 400+ tickets. We think the reason for this is that it is an nontraditional dance where the girls ask the guys and it is viewed as more of a couples dance.”

With multiple events going on during the same day, such as: Cheerleading, State Speech Large Group, Wrestling, and Bowling, it is not a shocker that the reputation of Bachelor Capture has been small. Students have many different opinions on BC to explain the waning popularity of Bachelor Capture.

Senior Haylee Ernst gives us an insight on why she hasn’t gone since her Freshman year: “I had heard that BC was awful from upperclassmen when I was a freshman; however, my boyfriend at the time wanted us to go. It was awful. Well- I guess I’d have to say the music was awful. What's a dance without the right kind of music? Plus, since I joined the Speech team, State competition is always held on the exact same day. So even if I did want to go I couldn’t.”

Junior Madison Harbour explains, “A lot of my friends who have gone, told me it was awful. So I decided not to go. What’s the point of going if my friends are not?”

Junior Nicholas Oechsner states, when asked about BC, “It’s stupid. I only go to Homecoming and Prom. Maybe because BC doesn’t get hyped up as much as the other dances.”

Does the annual Bachelor Capture take a risk of being no more?

The principal's footsteps will echo along the gym floor as the silence engulfs him. He will recall the days of students excited for what used to be a night of music and play. His fingers trace the lightswitch, and with a quick pull the gymnasium goes dark.

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