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Big Bucks To Bloody Broke: $0, $5, And $50 Dollar Dates

You might be rich with a little bit of cash in your pocket or you might be a bit on the poorer side. Either way, anyone has the right to a nice date, it is in the Constitution, right? Maybe not, but anyway, here are some ideas no matter what your budget is!


$0 Dates

Take a Hike: either in Scott County Park or somewhere else, hiking would be fun for those adventurous couples!

Go to the Beach: you probably don't live near a beach but if you did, that would be nice, right? I wish.

Play Board Games: Clue and Life would be a fun time, and if you want to keep them over longer without them knowing, Monopoly, too!

$5 Date

Go Get Ice Cream: Whitey's and Twists are both great options for ice cream!

Go to the Dollar Store and Get Snacks for a Movie Night: Dollar snacks and movie nights?!?! Yes, please!

Go to a Coffee Shop: Pumpkin lattes are coming out right about now so this is perfectly timed!

$50 Date

Dinner Night: Texas Roadhouse buns or Panera bread appetizers will always make a date a little more special! Or find a local restaurant: Antonella's, Tiramisu, or Miss Phay's are all fantastic.

Movie Theater: Fun, comical movies are always good to watch, but, a scary movie like Black Phone might make your date have to cuddle up to you in fear sooo... I choose the scary movie!

Bowling Night: Wii bowling has trained me for the day I get to bowl with a date!


Thank you for reading this and hopefully, your dates go well no matter the budget!

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