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Binge Worthy for Spring Break

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

High school can be a bit of a mess for some people, especially seniors—with making sure you have enough credits, worrying you won’t get accepted to your dream college, and getting all necessary things taken care of before the final sign off into the next step of our lives.

For lots of high school students, spring break is the time for vacations or maybe even getting caught up on old assignments. Or spring break can be about finally being able to binge watch all those tv/movie favorites that we have all heard of or watched. Here are some recommendations to guide you in the right direction, reducing your decision-making time, and giving you more time to binge-watch.

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

If you're a sucker for mysteries with crazy twists, this show is something that might interest you. Three years ago, Anna lost her daughter named Elizabeth and soon after that her marriage ended. Her grief has been so deep that everything she loves has been put to a halt. But grief wasn’t the only thing distracting her; one day she noticed a new family that moved in across the street, and she saw this as an opportunity for a new beginning until she witnesses a murder in the living room. Did she really witness such a thing? Or, is she going crazy?


As of right now, Euphoria is probably the most talked about show within the teenage audience. You either hate this show or you love it, and the plot makes everyone have a rush of different emotions. This show is a look into the life of a group of high school students that grapple with issues of drugs and violence, and lots and lots of drama with friends and loved ones. The new season was just released in January and many people have seen it such as myself. However, Euphoria is one of those shows where small details can be easily mistaken and plots might not be what they seemed, so it can definitely be a show to rewatch from the start.

Virgin River

Virgin River is my personal favorite. A woman named Mel uncovers some complications in her life in LA, so she packs her bags when she gets an ad to work as a midwife and nurse practitioner in a very small country town. Thinking that everything will go as she plans and she will only be having a fresh start with this new job, she faces some challenges when she arrives where her new boss doesn’t want her there and the mysterious bar guy she meets finds a way into her heart.


Manifest all begins with the Stone family who are on their way to board their flight back to New York. Their flight 828, takes off but mysteriously lands five years later but nobody on that flight has aged and everyone has to try and put their lives together again. This suspense and supernatural series will leave you shocked and wanting more as you uncover more about the shocking truths and mystery that happens because of the 828 flight.

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I haven't seen any of these shows personally, but I am excited to finally have some new ones to watch! Thanks for the recommendations!

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