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Changing U.S. History: Ketanji Brown Jackson

Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first black woman Supreme Court Justice, was sworn in on March 21, and this historic moment is important for women and people of color everywhere. The Republican Party sparked controversy due to her views, as some questions seemed, well, not important.

A few questions that people seem to have issues with come from Republican senators. For example, Senator Graham had questions about Jackson’s religion, asking, “What faith are you by the way?” and “On a scale of one to ten, how faithful would you say you are?” These questions are, well, questionable, as the separation of church and state is an important part of our government. Another odd question was when Senator Cruz asked about an irrelevant children’s book, and he questioned if Jackson agreed with the statement that babies are racist. Other questions are comical to say the least.

Her qualifications for Supreme Court Justice are impressive, as she has worked as a public defender before being sworn in. This fact means she has a unique point of view in her hearings.

Her “yes” votes were 53-47, with all of the democratic senators and three Republican votes. There has been lots of backlash against these three senators from the Republican party. Other backlash from them is also aimed towards Jackson, as she tried to avoid questions irrelevant to the hearing.

Regardless of how each party feels, this is a historic moment and is helping to add more diversity to our government. This inspires young women and people of color to work towards what they believe, despite many powerful positions being occupied by white men.

Read more about this on: Fox, CNN, BBC, Washington Times, and NBC

Photo via CNBC

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