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Could Eating A Single Chip Kill You?: Facts And Stories About The #ONECHIPCHALLENGE

The One Chip Challenge, or known as # ONECHIPCHALLNGE on TikTok, is a chip that is said to be the hottest in the world.

These chips are definitely not a family-sized bag that you snack on while binge-watching Netflix. This single chip is one that you chug a gallon of milk or gulp down a pint of vanilla ice cream just to numb the pain.

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What is the One Chip Challenge?

As stated by the Paqui website, this year's "high-voltage chip" is made out of "super-charged Carolina Reaper Pepper and stinging Scorpion Pepper." It also has "a shocking twist, [that'll] turn your tongue BLUE!"

If you don't know what the One Chip Challenge is, it is a chip made of 100% real ingredients that include Blue Corn, Sunflower and/or Safflower, Carolina Reaper Pepper, Scorpion Chile Pepper, Sea Salt and Blue. With it containing two of the spiciest peppers on the planet, they are terrible to eat if you have some or no spice tolerance!

How hot is the chip actually?

The scale of heat from food is called the Scoville scale. The lower the number, the milder it is, and the higher the number, the hotter it is. Bell peppers are 0 and Pure Capsaicin (what makes food spicy) is 15,500,000.

The ranges of Scoville Heat Units (SHU) typically used to call a pepper mild, medium, hot, or extra hot are:

  • Mild (100 to 2,500)

  • Medium (2,500 to 30,000)

  • Hot (30,000 to 100,000)

  • Extra Hot (100,000 to 300,000)

  • Extremely Hot (above 300,000)

*The Scorpion peppers are missing from the diagram but they are one million on the Scoville Meter.

Can you die from the One Chip Challenge?

There has not been a death reported resulting from the # ONECHIPCHALLENGE, but there have been injuries.

After completing the challenge, three teenagers were sent to the hospital in Tyler, Texas. After an uncle gave his niece one of the chips, another young girl was sent to the hospital. Most people, including the ones stated as examples, who were sent to the hospital after eating Paqui's chip, were clutched over in pain. This results from the spiciness of the chips in the digestive tract.

CBS 19's article states, "'Throughout your digestive tract you might feel burning or pain and it can be pretty severe after a short time,' said Brett Christiansen, executive medical director at Marshall Medical Center. "Similar to what an asthmatic might have with bronchospasms.'"

All of this means that you might not die, but you may be in severe pain during and after consumption.

Should you do the challenge?

You might be someone with heart problems or a light tolerance to spice, but here are some examples of who should not/is advised not to be eating the chip:

  1. Anyone with heart problems: it can lead to heart attacks

  2. Anyone with a light spice tolerance: it might be too much to bear

  3. Anyone with already damaged or weak esophagus: it can cause damage that can last up to three weeks

  4. Anyone with heartburn: it can flare up your heartburn massively since it is so overly spicy

Some people have a high pain/spice tolerance. If you are that type, this challenge may be for you. Just by posting a video of you eating it, you can get up to 200,000 likes and millions of views!

If you are up to the challenge, it is only about $8.99 in stores, but try at your own risk!


Thank you for reading and if you try the chip out, I hope you can tolerate it!

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