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Couple Appreciation For North Scott Couples

This month of April is Couple Appreciation Month! This article features five North Scott couples and their love stories. I asked one person from each pair the same five questions and each had different answers, considering everyone has a unique relationship with their significant other.

Cella and Dylan

Our first couple is Cella, one of our Lance writers, and her significant other Dylan. I thought she would be perfect to interview because she was sitting right next to me and she’s been in a happy relationship for a while. I asked her to do this interview, and she excitingly said yes! She thought back to when they met and explained they’d known each other since junior high, however, they did not start talking until this year. "Our style and outfits interested us in each other," she laughs. They’ve been inseparable since this school year and have been dating for six months. Cella excitedly explained that their favorite thing to do with each other is going to get food—specifically, McDonald's, which is their go-to fast food restaurant. With a growing smile on her face, she emphasizes her favorite thing about Dylan is his personality. She expresses he’s very understanding and funny. Lastly, I asked how they maintain a healthy relationship with no issues. There secret to maintaining a healthy relationship is communicating frequently and showing equal effort within the relationship.

Vianne and Trevor

Vianne and Trevor met at a football game during their freshman year of high school. They have now been together for three years. They enjoy doing the little things together like trying new places to eat or going shopping, like at Target. Vianne's favorite thing about Trevor is how he makes her feel. She says their personalities mix well, and they are completely comfortable with each other. They maintain their healthy relationship through trust and communication.

Mr. Lenze and Mrs. Grimesey

Mr. Lenze and Mrs. Grimesey met as colleagues at a school in Bulgaria. They have been together for 10 years and have two kids together. Their favorite thing to do is travel and play with their kids. Mr. Lenze's loves Mrs. Grimesey's passion/energy for reading and art. He shared that she expresses a lot of joy when discussing things she likes. They both maintain a healthy relationship by seeing things from each other's perspectives and communicating.

Sophie and Drew

They met during 6th period in study hall freshman year. Since then, they have been together for three years. Their favorite thing to do together is playing any game because Drew is "EXTREMELY" competitive and hates losing to her. They also like doing outdoor activities together like fishing or bike rides. Sophie's favorite thing about Drew is how passionate he is. They keep a healthy relationship by putting each other first in every aspect and are always improving themselves for their relationship.

Mr. Schneider and Mrs. Schneider

Our last couple is Mr. Schneider and Mrs. Schneider. They met at Northeast Missouri State University in 1985, which is now Truman State in Kirksville, Missouri. Two years later, they got engaged in 1987 and officially tied the knot in June 1988. This year, Mr. and Mrs. Schneider will be celebrating their 35th anniversary this upcoming June! Since the pandemic, they have spent significant hours improving their garden and yard. Gardening is their favorite thing to do together during the spring, summer, and fall months. Together, they built a she-shed and raised beds, and have enhanced the colors and variety of plants in their yard. Mr. Schneider's favorite thing about Mrs. Schneider is her tenacity and relentless effort to do her very best once she has committed to a responsibility. They maintain a healthy relationship by spending time together, having common interests, and embracing the fact that they are still individuals with unique interests. Together they came to an understanding long ago that neither of them would demand that the other become a clone and share every interest.

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