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Good News!

Good news!

Opium productions have ceased in certain communities in Mexico, as community members have taken the steps to work towards a better future. Communities have turned towards forestry to provide the locals with jobs, which in essence, has helped with poverty. “The Golden Triangle of Opium,” an area in Mexico known best for narcotic and cannabis production, has changed its ways to forestry. “The Golden Triangle of Sustainable Forestry” is now a high-producing timber area that has provided for over 10,000 families and is continuing to grow. Read about it here.

Life returns to Kyiv!

Life has been slowly returning to Kyiv, as more Ukranians have been moving back into their city. By what seems kind of daring and highly dangerous, many Ukranians are moving back to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Several cafes, supermarkets, and banks are starting back up and the streets are filling up with people daily. While parents are wary of children seeing destructive scenes, the city is relatively safe from Russian forces. Kyiv is slowly becoming a beacon of hope with the increasing population. Read more about Kyiv here.

Here’s to making you smile!

San Francisco officers pulled over a taxi for not having its lights on. In an unexpected turn of events, the taxi is a self-driving vehicle. While the police were trying to contact the company, the taxi seemed to have “fled” the crime scene. The car drove down a block before stopping and flashing the emergency lights. A spokesperson for the company said the car drove to the safest place to pull over for a traffic stop like it’s programmed to do. They continue to say that it was human error for the lights being off while at night. No ticket will be issued to the company. Read about this runaway taxi here!

Paying it forward!

A Jewish man and his girlfriend from Poland decided to pay their heritage gratitude by housing refugees. Jan Gebert is a descendant of Jews who can trace his ancestors to the Holocaust. His family survived the horrific genocide because a kind family saved his. Gebert is housing a few refugees from Ukraine today as they are looking for permanent residences. Read about this heroic act here!

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