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Graduation Is On Its Way :)

Seniors, our time is almost here, graduation is just around the corner. With only a little under three months left of school, we could not be more excited. But along with the feeling of excitement, comes the feeling of dread. Leaving friends behind and starting your grown up life can sometimes be terrifying. Even with nerves in the forefront of some of our minds, we can’t let that damper our minds. 


With graduation, comes many different opportunities. You get the chance to live on your own while attending college. Or if that’s not your vibe, go to a trade school, join the army. Moral of the story is, once you’re out of high school, the options of what you can do are pretty much endless. Not only do you get the chance to live on your own, you also get the chance to explore what you want to do with your life for the future. Whether you want to be a doctor, a teacher, or even an engineer, you have the chance to explore these options. And the fun part is, if you decide what you’re doing isn’t for you, you can change it. 

Back to the track of graduation, it can be a scary thing that’s for sure. Walking the stage in front of your closest friends and family’s can be nerve wracking. But once you take that big step, your future really begins. On a real note, with graduation growing nearer, the senioritis is also growing stronger. Not wanting to do work because you’ve already been accepted into college or you honestly just don’t care, is something that almost all seniors experience. Not wanting to come to school because you’re just over it and ready to be done, is something that almost all of us feel. But with this in mind, you can’t let the senioritis overtake you.

You need to push though it because in just a few short months all of this will be done. 

The closer we get to graduation day, the more likely we as seniors, are to feed into senioritis. Not turning in work or not showing up to class is something that will be more likely to happen. Don’t let it. Even if you think it won’t effect your grade or your likelihood on getting into college it very well could. Also senioritis is something that can effect you negatively as well. In an interview with one of my close friends Cyara Jackson, she stated that: “I started to not care as much about turning in things like assignments and I started to care less if I had a B. Also I’ve become more prone to procrastinating my work like papers till the last minute.” This is something that mainly all seniors feel, but other grades like juniors could even begin to start feeling this way as well. Senioritis is something that can occur instantly, and when it’s here, it hits hard. 

When you start feeling like this always remember, high school will be over and your future will just be beginning. Don’t take the little things for granted because like I said, soon all of this will be over. Take pictures, make memories, and most importantly seniors, have fun.

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