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Horticulture: Deciduous Ornamental Trees

Horticulture is one of those topics you don't really know about but always has something intriguing. Want to learn more about different types of trees, flowers, shrubs, and all kinds of plant life? Sure you do. Read on.

This week’s topic is Deciduous Ornamental Trees. Deciduous trees are one of two kinds. These trees have leaves that fall off in the fall and regrow in the spring.

The Amur Maple is a beautiful autumn tree. It can grow to 20 feet and can be multi-stemmed or have a single trunk form.

The Amur Maple has vibrant red leaves in the fall, along with fragrant white flowers that bloom in April and May.

This tree grows best in full sun to partial shade [Minnesota DOA].

The Chinese Saucer Magnolia is most beautiful in the spring. Growing around 15-20 feet, this tree blooms varying pink flowers, ranging from deep pink to very light.

They grow best in full sun to partial shade, and need frost protection later in the season


The Flowering Crabapple is another pink flowering tree.

It yields crabapples, a smaller and more sour apple. The leaves have an interesting pattern, with dark green leaves above lighter green leaves. This tree grows 15-20 feet tall, and grows best in full sun [CSU].

The Japanese Maple is a smaller ornamental tree. It has deep red/purple foliage in the spring.

This tree ranges from 15-25 feet, but is more often on the smaller side. The Japanese Maple grows best in full to partial sun [Arbor Day].

Redwoods are magnificent trees native to California. Growing up to 300 feet, they are the largest trees on Earth.

They have maroon-purple trunks along with small pink flowers. These trees are best in partial shade

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