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Horticulture: Woody Ornamental Plants

On the other side of the spectrum from herbaceous is woody plants. These plants have woody stems as opposed to green stems that die back underground in the winter. Woody, Ornamental Plants are often used in landscaping in colder climates as their winter features are also appealing.

Burkwood Viburnum

The Burkwood Viburnum are a larger shrub, with a maximum height of 12 feet, though most grow around 6-8. These plants are known for their neverending small white flowers that compliment the darker leaves.

In the fall, the leaves change to a deep burgundy color before falling off. The Burkwood Viburnum prefers full sun when growing (Fine Gardening).

Bumalda Spirea

The Bumalda Spirea is a small shrub that grows 2-3 feet tall. The flowers turn from white to deep pink and work wonders for landscaping.

The leaves spread across several colors, from green to yellow to orange. These plants grow best in full sun (Cal's Garden).

Common Lilac

The Common Lilac is a beautiful bush with blooming flowers. The flowers come in a variety of colors like purple, pink, and white flowers.

This plant grows up to 5 feet tall and thrives in full sun. The sweet aroma of the flowers attracts butterflies (Gardenia).

Hybrid Tea Rose

The most versatile flower would have to be the Hybrid Tea Rose. These plants come in virtually every color and are known for their beautiful color combinations and patterns.

These shrubs grow from 3-8 feet tall and prefer full sun. They can be wonderful for floral arrangements because their colors spread across the entire spectrum (Jackson & Perkins).

Redstem Dogwood

The Redstem Dogwood is a unique plant, not wanted just for its flowers, but for its fiery red stems. This means they have four season attractions when it comes to landscaping.

Redstem Dogwood bushes also grow small yellow/white flowers. They can grow up to 7-10 feet tall and love the full sun (The Spruce).

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