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How To Get a Valentine!

Many of us know Valentine's Day is coming up and some of us are looking for a lover. Attracting your crush may be difficult so, here are some simple ways to win their heart in 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Clean up your appearance

Cleaning yourself up will make you feel more confident and ready to mingle. The easiest way to do this is by freshening yourself up. Start by taking a nice warm shower, scrubbing yourself, and washing your hair. Once done with the shower, try something different with your hair, it’s good to get out of your normal routine. The next steps are washing your face, brushing your teeth, and rubbing on some deodorant while adding your favorite fragrance all over. This step will make you fresh and feel better about your overall appearance.

Step 2: Dress to Impress

Dressing up doesn’t always mean wearing a fancy dress and a tuxedo. Wearing something different than your usual style can encourage you, not only to get out of your comfort zone but, also to get others' attention. Clothing can have a positive effect on your personality, mood, and confidence. So wearing your best outfit will help get people’s attention and give you an extra boost of confidence.

Step 3: Act Confident

The most important aspect of getting someone’s attention is being confident in yourself. If you're confident in yourself, no one else can change your mindset. People can show confidence by standing up straight, maintaining eye contact, and being up-front. Oppositely, you don’t want to be slouched down, looking off into space or at the floor, or being shy and nervous. The person you're talking to will notice these small things and will get mixed signals. Self-confidence is the most attractive trait someone can have when it comes to talking to their crush.

These three steps revolve around confidence and being comfortable with yourself to engage with a potential partner. Cleaning up your appearance, dressing up effectively, and being confident in yourself will motivate you to find and have a Valentine!

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