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Israel Strikes Back After Bold Attack From Iran

Updated: May 15

Another day, another conflict in the Middle East. After months of the Israeli-Palestine conflict, and hopes for an end to that war, Iran has launched a daring attack on Israeli territory with hundreds of drones and missiles. Fortunately, no fatalities were recorded, and only minor damage was caused at an Israeli air base. 

We will make them regretful about the crime and similar acts. -- Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in response to missile strikes in Syria
Iran's consulate building in Syria - Destroyed by an Israeli Attack

Iran's Problem

On April 1st, Israel launched a missile strike on an Iranian consulate in Syria, killing two Iranian generals and other Iranian officers, while injuring countless others. In response to this attack, Iran vowed revenge in the near future. In a bold statement, Iran’s foreign minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian lashed out at Israeli PM Netanyahu by stating, “Benjamin Netanyahu has completely lost his mental balance due to the successive failures in Gaza and his failure to achieve his Zionist goals.” Following this, Iran claimed it would strike back with an attack of similar magnitude. 

Iranian missiles seen going towards Israel

Iranian Strike on Israel

Israel's strike on the consulate building was very small, with few munitions being used to destroy the entire building. Despite Iran’s claim for a similar strike, they launched off a total of 350 drones and missiles on April 13th. These weapons had a combined 60 tons of explosives. Fortunately, no fatalities were recorded, and an estimated 99% of munitions were shot down by Israeli air defenses.

Satellite imagery showing a damaged S-300 missile system

Israel's Response

In response to this, Israel launched a small attack on Iranian military and nuclear targets in the Isfahan region, south of Tehran. The attack itself was carried out by drones and fighter jets, likely American-made F-35s. Little damage was done to Iran, but satellite imagery suggests that Israel took out a Russian-made S-300 missile system. Iran has repeatedly denied that this happened, as it would be a major embarrassment to their air defense program. Another target that was rumored to have been attacked was the Isfahan Nuclear Technology Center, which is Iran’s largest nuclear research complex. After the attack, the International Atomic Energy Agency investigated it and reported that no damage had been done. 

For years, countries throughout the Middle East have taken countless shots at each other, keeping tensions high at all times. Israel has been a prominent victim of this behavior, with consistent missile barrages and threats, decades prior to the current Hamas conflict. As of now, this show of aggression has come to an end on both sides, after days of pressure from foreign leaders to deescalate the conflict.

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