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Keeping Yourself Busy in a Small Town

Do you live in a small town with absolutely nothing to keep you entertained? Then this is the article for you! Be bored no more! There are a few things that can keep you amused during these hours of boredom. 

Everybody loves new clothes, shoes, or just any random thing you can find in stores. What better thing to do than to head to your local mall? The mall is where everyone goes in a small town when they also have nothing to do, so prepare yourself to see your ex-bestie, ex-situationships, and your enemies. Now, this mall may not have a ton of stores, but don’t fret; Target is just a quick trip away!

Target is where all the girls go when they need new makeup or hair products, want a snack, or just want to walk around. Target isn't just for girls; Target has everything anyone could ever need! Go shopping for that gift you were supposed to get a week ago. Go shopping for new products you can add to your daily routine. Go shopping for a new outfit that you probably don’t need. If you want to shop, Target is the place. 

Something most people think will be boring, but is actually surprisingly fun is bowling. At night, when everything else is closed, bowling is most likely open! Bowling is something that everyone can do, whether you might suck at it or not. It is also pretty cheap, so even broke teens can bowl. Take a couple of hours out of your day to go out with friends, enjoy some food, and go bowling!

Peachwave is located in Bettendorf, but there are many other frozen yogurt shops around town. Peachwave has gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan options so anyone can try it. Peachwave is a great place to go with friends, eat some frozen yogurt, and talk about all of the drama going on this past week. Peachwave is also

a great, cute first-date idea, by the way! 

The last thing that never fails is the movies. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want some movie theater popcorn, a slushy, and a big screen to watch an awesome movie with your friends or family. The movie theater can keep you entertained for hours with many different kinds of movies to choose from. 

These are all great ideas that will take up a few hours of your time and hopefully cure your boredom in a small town. Or you could just move to Florida!

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