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Kim Potter Released After Serving 16 Months

Potter in 2021 and in 2023

The Brooklyn Center officer responsible for the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright has been released after serving 16 months in prison. Kim Potter was sentenced to two years in prison following her conviction of Manslaughter in the second degree but according to the Minnesota Department of Corrections, she was released early “out of an abundance of caution” for Potter’s safety. There was no further information provided.

Potter was convicted in April of 2021 following the traffic stop that turned south

Potter during trial (2021)

Officers pulled Daunte Wright over for expired tags and then found there was a warrant out for his arrest. There was some resistance when attempting to arrest Wright, and Potter drew her gun. In bodycam footage, she is heard yelling “Taser, taser” but was aiming her gun at Wright and shot one bullet. He then drove off and about a block later collided with another vehicle and died on the scene.

This tragedy turned into a series of riots in the Minneapolis metro. Many people took to the streets in protest wanting justice for Daunte and his family. His aunt spoke with CNN in an emotional interview. You can watch that here: (3:30)

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