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Lancer Productions: Charlotte’s Web

By Madilyn Brus

Charlotte’s Web, the adorable children’s story is coming to life on stage. Lancer Productions is taking us on a trip to the barn owned by Homer Zuckerman. The tale spins a web of a story about a little girl named Fern and her lovely pig, Wilbur. This production is full of whimsy and hilarious scenes, perfect for children of all ages. Tickets are on sale at TIX.NSHSLP.COM (  The cast and crew have been working for months to make this show big and it’s classic characters reel you in to the world of Charlotte’s Web. 

  Can Charlotte and the animals save Wilbur? Attend a show to find out!

The beloved childrens story will be featured on the 26th, 27th, and 28th of January. The 27th has two shows, one a matinee and the other an evening show. This show is wonderful for children and adults alike. Lancer Productions hopes to see you there to enjoy the story of Charlotte’s Web. 

Cast List: Chorus: Dog(Ryenne Lacher,) Cat (Aria Web), Owl (Cyara Jackson), Wilbur (Brayden Serrano), Fern Arable(Natalie Sierk), John Arable(Collin Meinert), Martha Arable(Charlotte Madden), Avery Arable (Jane Nichols), Homer Zuckerman(Riley Plymale), Edith Zuckerman (Madelyn Logsdon), Lurvey(Keegan Panther), Goose (Lauren Palowski), Gander (Grady Kirst), Templeton (Isaiah Serrano),Sheep( Riley Johnson), Lamb (Madilyn Brus), Reporter(Madelyn La plante), Photographer (Abby La Plante), Spectator 1 (Emma Zrostlik) Spectator 2(Taylor Vondal) Announcer (Benjamin Hill), Spider Dancer 1/Uncle (Addalie Reese), Spider Dancer 2 (Bella Suarez), Spider Dancer 3 (Hailey Schaack) Spider Dancer 4 (Katelyn Peck) Joy (Charlie Conner), Aranea (Emma Windt), Nellie (Hannah Nelson), Fair Ensemble (Charlie Connor, Abby La Plante, Hannah Nelson, Callie Poinsett, Emma Windt, Madelyn La Plante).

Crew List: Stage Manager (Mya Kelsey), Student House Manager (Abby Harrison), Technical Director (Josh Tipsword), Assistant Techincal Director (Justin Walker), Hair and Makeup Crew: (Gabby Andersen, Anna Hodge, Nora Glover, Marissa Carlton.) Master Painters (Aiden Chisek & Nora Glover) Props (Haiden Koberg), Light Designer (Hope Harrison), Sound Designer/ Sound Board (Ryan Stickler), Sound Designer/ Sound Designer (Kaitlyn Knepper) Stage Crew( Carter Dorr) Stage Crew(Aiden Kelsey) Costume Designer(Eva Lubben) Costume Crew(Keegan Panther, Kaitlyn Knepper, Anna Sophia Council). 

Do- Si- Dos Cast: Jax Huntley, Hayden Lacher, Arabella Miller, Makayla Miller, Sophia Nelson, Will Noonan, Riley O’Flahrity, Sophia Schmitt, Matilda Schroeder, Elena Skedal, Ally Sosnowski.

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