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Look at These Tiny Frogs in Mexico

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

There are very tiny frogs living in Mexico, and researchers just found six more. And when I say tiny, I mean tiny; these little guys can sit on a penny comfortably.

Okay, so who cares about these miniature frogs? Well, they’re unique in other ways. While most frogs hatch as tadpoles and grow into frogs, these species emerge as perfect premade frogs. Tom Jameson, a researcher at the University of Cambridge, explains why the species has gone unnoticed: “They’re small and brown and look really similar to other frogs.”

While they’re little, these frogs are still important to the ecosystem. They are an easy source of food for carnivores big and small. These tiny guys make their home in the leaf litter on the forest floor, making them easy to access for bigger predators.

The research team was able to 3D print the frogs’ skeletons. This lets them study the minute details. They hope to find even more species in the future.

Learn more about these frogs at CNN, LocalNews8, and Smithsonian

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