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Most Popular Articles This Year 2023-2024

This year has been a great year for The Lance. With all the new writers this year working hard to publish new articles every week, lets end off this with an overview of the most popular articles published this year!

Written by Madolyn Lewis last school year, the article is about the Las Vegas Sphere that was constructed fall 2023. The article is goes through the statistics and constructional information of the Sphere that goes into great detail. At the end of the article there is a poll, still able to be voted on, asking whether you would travel to go see it.

Written by Jack Striegel, This article is an overview of students opinions, the details of, and an interview with Mr. Marceau over the school's schedule change for next year. It goes into what the schedule is, what it means, Jack and other students opinions (poll seen to the right), and in the end concludes with an interview with Marceau about how this schedule change will likely still go through, despite popular opinion.

Written by Isaac Copeland, this article goes over the importance, popular opinion of, and the overall want for open campus Lunches. Isaac goes into great detail into why open campus Lunches are important for students, the current lunch situation at the school, and the history of open campus Lunches. It calls to that students not returning is a fair trade as it only harms them and it makes for a less noisy lunch.

This is an April Fools article written by Gretchen Hoft, going over the fictious claims of the company lying about their caffeine content, a fake lawsuit, and even fake claims (jokingly sourced to Jack Black) on experiences with hallucinations from the drink. In the end, these are all jokes made at the expense to a popular drink in the school, which is very apparent with the disclaimer at the end for bubbl'r not to sue Hoft.

Finally, by Isabella Van Roekel, is an overview with extra information for the then upcoming musical "Beauty and the Beast" by Lancer Productions. firstly it goes over the process of casting, auditions, learning the music and practice, and finally the preforming of the musical, provided by an interview with Mrs. Hintze. Then a short explanation on how to buy tickets. Finally, some important information of the musical overall and the dates.

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