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Mr. Chapman is leaving North Scott

Recently, some devastating news has arisen--Mr. Chapman is leaving North Scott after this school year. He’s had many wonderful students and experiences with North Scott, but sadly, he has decided to step down. He’s been here for about 37 years but has come to the conclusion that it’s been too long. Mr. Chapman has aged divinely for how many years he’s been teaching here. Fun fact he’s one of the oldest teachers in the school building! Although it’s sad, he’s happy to finally move on.

The reason he decided to leave is that he’s becoming a full-time singer in his band. He’ll have no time for teaching and would rather focus on trying to get his band on the radio and becoming famous. Right when he came out of the womb, he was singing his heart out. So when you're listening to the radio and hear the name Subatlantic, just know that’s Mr. Chapman rocking and rolling!

If you get the chance and see him in the hallways make sure to say your goodbyes and also his autograph, for when he makes the billboards and is a millionaire. With the autograph, you can sell it and make bank off it. Mr. Chapman's signature would be equal to getting Beyonce’s signature. His band has already been on the top charts multiple times, which pushed his decision for leaving North Scott.

Mr. Chapman is rapidly growing in fame and money, so make sure to be a good student for the rest of the year and maybe he’ll remember you when he’s off doing bigger and better things. Go subscribe to Subatlantic on YouTube!!!

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