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My Experience at North Scott High School

I’m a senior this year and at this time of year, that means graduation. Part of that, though, is reflecting on my time as a student and how it will carry into my life as an adult. I lived in California my whole life until October of 2020 when I moved to Eldridge, Iowa. I didn’t pick Eldridge or even Iowa it was just the only option. At the time of my move, I did online school through my old high school in California and once December rolled around I knew it was time to start fresh. I didn't thrive doing online schooling and ended up doing worse than I ever have before.

Because of this, I enrolled to start at North Scott High School in January, the second semester. For most of my second semester of Junior year, we had masks so it was really hard for me to talk to people and make friends. As the mask mandate lifted, I got more comfortable and friendly, so I started to socialize a bit before the end of Junior year. Once Senior year started, I made a lot more friends and actually started to enjoy coming here. I actually connected with people here who were friendly and fun. Over time, I had developed a genuine comfortability here because I met people who made it bearable. Having people around me to support me and just be there was so beneficial to my experience here.

By the end of the first semester this year, I started dating my girlfriend and passing my classes. I improved academically and socially by having positive people around me. My happiness and enjoyment of this place have grown exponentially as I’ve grown. I am so grateful for my girlfriend, friends, and family for making my life easier during the drastic transition from California to Iowa.

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