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Crystal Castles / Alice glass

Today I'm going to be talking about a music group called Crystal Castles. Crystal Castles had a lead singer named Alice Glass and a DJ named Ethan Kath. Ethan and Alice have released 3 albums under the name Crystal Castles. The album names are all self titled and consist of electronic/dance music. The song that got me hooked on them was "Untrust us.” When I first heard this song I was kinda confused, because I've never heard music with lyrics that aren't really lyrics. They used the voice of the lead singer, Alice Glass, as more of a sound instead of a voice. You can tell she's saying something, but they distort it to make it sound like a part of the beat.

Crystal Castles’ music is very unique, and each album is the same style of music. But, it all sounds different, and I think they all sound different because they put more emotion into the 2nd and 3rd albums they wrote together. The first album has a lot of dancey vibes to it with a lot of funky beats but with the other albums it's more slow with a chill feel to it instead of the dancey vibe to it. Alice Glass and Ethan Kath were made for each other when it came to music, but outside of music they didn't really like each other and Ethan was not the nicest person to Alice on tour and before they were famous. So, Alice left the band and decided to do her own thing for a while. In 2016, a new album was released by Crystal Castles, but it wasn't the original Crystal Castles. They had a new lead singer named ¨Edith Frances¨ whose voice didn't sound that different from Alice’s. I think Ethan did this because he didn't want Alice back in the band at all, so he found someone that looked and sounded somewhat like her. Since that album came out, the only thing they did was a set of tours. After these tours, Crystal Castles went MIA.

Alice Glass released her first solo project titled ¨Alice Glass¨ giving her first release the Crystal castles vibe with the name. Her music has a lot of the same elements that were in her old band. Her music is described as electronic/dance music. Alice's music has a lot more emotion in it though when it comes to her lyrics. She makes the beat match the lyrics instead of having a very happy beat with sad lyrics that are made to be mumbled so you have to look up the lyrics to know what they mean—like she did in Crystal Castles. Alice wants to get her point across when it comes to her songs.

My personal favorite song by Alice has to be “Forgiveness” or “Baby Teeth.” Alice Glass doesn't have as many listeners as Crystal Castles, but her fans that only know of her because of Crystal Castles need to go see her solo project stuff. In my opinion, it's way better than her old band's stuff. Alice's music has real emotion when it comes to the lyrics, the beat of the song, and the visuals when it comes to performing it or the music video. Alice is still making music today, and she is also working with a lot of popular artists like Grimes, Alice Longyu Gao, and others. Alice Glass has been working alone for a while now on her music to make it sound like her but also using the electronic beat in the background like she did with Crystal Castles. Alice has not been able to get the rights for the Crystal Castles’ music that she has been on, but to her it's not that important right now because she would rather be known for her work as Alice Glass.

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