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North Scott is Getting a Parking Garage!

Construction of the future parking garage

Have you heard the fantastic news? North Scott High School will install a parking garage by the lab! The garage will be 6 floors tall and have parking for every single student in the high school. It will include an elevator and a sky bridge on the third floor that connects to the South side of the high school. The skywalk entry will have a Sips Coffee walk-through right when you enter the skywalk for students to grab and go a Sips drink paid by their lunch ID.

The beautiful sky walk


It is estimated to cost $5,249,593 and will take four months to build. The parking ramp will also include heaters around every parking spot to ensure your car has a warm and cozy stay. No more parking issues and cold walks to school with the brand-new garage that will be created. The construction will start around the end of April and is projected to be completed by August 2023. So, long before the intersection of LeClaire and 1st Street is open.

This article part of the April Fools Edition, so . . . it's all made up. Go to Sips on 4/1--it's tradition!

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