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North Scott is Ready for State!

Updated: Feb 6

...But is state ready for North Scott?

With the arrival of the new semester, it not only brings upon a new class list, but Speech competitions are also quick to begin. Students in Speech have spent the past couple of months working tirelessly with their peers to put together a diverse selection of performances. Each group participating in Speech this year is filled to the brim with astonishing talent. From Ensemble Acting, to Choral Reading, every student has put their all into their practice.

But now, it is finally time for the state competition. North Scott brought 17 groups to districts back in January and is now bringing 13 groups to the state competition this Saturday. 

If you happen to be interested in viewing the competition, here are some highlights:

Musical Theatre: Mean Girls

The renowned 2004 movie Mean Girls takes on a new form through this musical format. Anna Harris, Grady Kirst, Addalie Reese, Hannah Noonan, Natalie Sierk, and Ryenne Lacher come together to present an assorted medley of songs from the hit Broadway adaptation of Mean Girls. Each performer has placed a twist on their respective character, creating an enrapturing performance. 

Musical Theatre: Spamalot 

Amber Bauswell, Thomas McCarthy, Maddux Lamb, Caleb Strom, and Isaiah Serrano came together in this performance to present the story of Spamalot. This musical tells the story of King Arthur’s quest to find the Holy Grail while slightly diverting from the more 'traditional' versions of the tale. Any attempt to summarize this performance falls flat, as it is truly extraordinary. The students in this group bring charisma and a skill of performance that is awe-inspiring and beyond their years. 10/10; highly recommend checking it out.

Short Film: DUNK

Students don’t only have to perform in front of an audience to participate in the Large Group Speech event; they can also present prepared material. Short Film and Radio News are the perfect categories to participate in if you prefer to stay out of the direct spotlight.

DUNK is an example of this. Done by Jack McCarthy and Behren Radech, DUNK is a short film that tells the tale of a basketball player’s perseverance in dunking a basketball. 

Overall, the cinematography and acting in this short film is spectacular. I highly recommend checking it out. 

If you’re not able to see this film at competition, you’re also able to view it on YouTube

One Act Play: Steel Magnolias

The One Act Play within Large Group Speech is an event where a group of students perform either one act from a larger play or a whole play consisting of just one act. 

North Scott’s One Act Play performed an act from the classic Steel Magnolias. For those who have never seen the movie, Steel Magnolias presents the story of a young beautician arriving in a small town in Louisiana, where she finds work in a local beauty salon. At that salon, a small group of women with a tight-knit bond welcome this newcomer into their lives. 

Amber Bauswell, Gabrielle Anderson, Charlotte Madden, Adison Greer, Lauren Pawloski, and Emma Zrostlik present this classic in such a passionate manner. These performers never fail to show the love and care that the characters have for one another. While watching this performance, the sniffles from those crying in the audience did not go unnoticed. Any performance which has the power to turn an audience to tears is a show worth seeing.

There are many other groups that are going to state that are just as talented! For instance, Ensemble Acting: Shakespeare Abridged, Reader’s Theatre: Appropriate Audience Behavior, Choral Reading: Emotional Creature, Ensemble Acting: Rooftop Lesson, Ensemble Acting: How to Kiss a Girl, Radio News: KPLR, and Short Film: Be Where Your Feet Are, are all wonderful acts that will be performing at state as well!

Come over to Pleasant Valley High School this Saturday to support your peers as well as view other wonderful performances! Here is the itinerary if you are interested.

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