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NSHS Student and Staff's Favorite Fast Food Restaurant

Fast food may not be the healthiest option but it sure does taste delicious! There are plenty of great options for fast food around the Quad Cities, however, we’ll see which one North Scott High School prefers.

The Lance sent out a survey asking what your favorite fast food is and over 300 students and staff answered! The results are somewhat surprising due to the options that were listed. The five fast food restaurant choices were: Mcdonalds, Wendy’s, Raising Canes, Chick-fil-A, and Noodles & Company. The results, in my opinion, were surprising since some are more popular than others.

The Winning Restaurant

The restaurant that had over 1/3 of the votes was Noodles and Company! Noodles and Company are personally my favorite go-to restaurant when I want something fast and delicious. Including the fact, that North Scott High School agree’s with my statement as well. Noodles and Company have various food options on their menu like pasta, soup, salads, and different sides. My favorite dish from Noodles and Company is Penne Rosa, it has a little spice, but I could eat it every day.

“They have many amazing dishes and every time I go there I know it will hit the spot like it always does,” -- Brooklyn Strief, a Noodles & Company lover.

Second through Fourth Place

Coming in second place was Chick-Fil-A and they lost by 40 votes, which is shocking because I thought it was the most popular out of all the restaurants. The next restaurant coming in third place was Raising Canes with 43 votes. In fourth place was McDonald's. McDonald's is one of my favorites because it’s convenient and not too expensive for a decent meal.

Last Place

Last but not least is Wendy’s, it had a total of 12 votes out of 305. Wendy’s has a good variety and prices but, sadly isn’t as popular as the other options listed.

Madolyn Lewis, a Wendy's weekly visitor, explains, “Wendy’s has the best deals, an example would be their 4 for 4 which has the crispest chicken nuggets. So it deserves to be number one!”

To conclude, Noodles and Company is the top-rated fast food restaurant according to North Scott High School’s students and staff!

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