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Preparations for Homecoming

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

In preparation for Homecoming week, Student Government is decking the halls on Sunday! Each grade gets their own hallway, and it will be decorated accordingly. Next week has lots of excitement, including the spirit days of the week, the Homecoming Parade, game, and dance. Make sure to thank the Student Government and Mrs. Sambdman for putting together a celebration we can all enjoy.

The Homecoming Dress up days are as follows:

Monday- Class Color Wars

Tuesday- Tropical

Wednesday- Get Groovy!

Thursday- Adam Sandler Day

Friday- Bury Burlington

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1 comentario

23 sept 2022

very upset about the removal of "bring anything but a backpack day." seems our school is so incompetent that they lack faith in THEMSELVES to control a possibly unpredictable day.

Me gusta
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