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Spider-Man “Far from Home” is a Cinematic Masterpiece

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has come back and takes upon different challenges in the movie, “Far from Home”, Starring Tom Holland. Spider-Man was produced by Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal. Helping the neighborhoods of New York has been his destiny after the passing of his uncle. Spider-Man's emotions really grew intense after his dear mentor passed, which created an upsetting moment for the audience.

The movie enhances excitement when he gets to show off his spectacular abilities to his peers! A great turn happens when he receives a cool reward for his achievements allowing him to have an extraordinary ability that allows Spider-Man access to secret information creating a series of unexpected events and drama.

Throughout the movie he comes into contact with new encounters, having to use his skills and mates to wildly destroy the being! After discovering someone was not who they thought they were, he runs into a series of illusions where that person is totally messing with Spider-Man's head. He has to protect his peers, so he does everything in his power to succeed, and he does indeed accomplish that mission. Though he achieved that accomplishment he gets framed into something negative and the movie ends with a twist. I most definitely recommend this movie to someone who is looking for some nice action!

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