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Taylor Swift, Carbon Queen

Are you a “Swiftie?” Do you really know about her? How she travels? Her hypocritical views? Taylor Swift has topped the lists year after year in carbon emissions, despite advocating for lowering carbon emissions. Swift uses her jet a lot, and don’t get me wrong, it’s probably awesome to do so. She uses it very unreasonably, with her shortest flight being 36 minutes, from Missouri to Nashville, TN. That is only a 4-hour and 48-minute drive, and yes, that is a while for the average person. Let's not forget how much money Swift has; she can afford a much more fuel-efficient and economically friendly tour bus tailored to her needs.

2022 was Swift’s highest traveling year, racking up 382.05 hours in the air, or just under 16 days. This is over twice the amount of time she spent flying for her colossal Eras Tour in 2023.

Because of Swift’s air-travel antics, many people have accurately dubbed her the biggest celebrity CO2 polluter.

In an article written by Ines Gendre of Greenly, Swift produced 8,293.54 tonnes of CO2 from her private jet in 2022, which is the highest production of CO2 emissions by any celebrity—surpassing the second place individual, Floyd Mayweather, by over 1,200 tonnes. Given her busy schedule, you’d think having an incredibly high emission rate would make sense, except she advocates for low emissions and uses her private jet unreasonably.

The Democratic party and the Republican party differ when it comes to emissions; it’s fair to say that both parties want to lower carbon emissions, but the Democratic party is supposed to be making the biggest push, while the Republican party says we are not ready to make the switch yet. Swift remained impressively quiet about her political views for a very long time. She stayed quiet about politics for 14 years, starting when she had her first real lick of fame in 2004. That all came to an end when she spoke out against Republican candidate Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, and decided to endorse two democratic candidates in the same race as Blackburn. Given that she is a Democrat and her newfound boyfriend, Travis Kelce, likely is too, based on his endorsement of the COVID-19 vaccine, you’d think that they would stand by democratic viewpoints, but they don’t. In an article on, a website that the Democratic National Party funds, they wrote that they wantTo reach net-zero emissions as rapidly as possible.” It seems a wee bit hypocritical that Swift supports the Democratic party, which is all for reducing carbon emissions, yet is the global leader in private jet carbon emissions.

While I think Taylor Swift’s music is utterly horrible and could be sung by a 14-year-old, we are each entitled to our own opinion, and we can all have our own tastes in what we like and do not like. There is no denying that Swift uses her jet unreasonably, and plenty of evidence supports that claim. Swift’s fans also need to recognize that they worship a hypocrite, and the fact is that her hypocrisy is indisputable, backed by years of evidence and statements from Taylor Swift regarding political affiliations and views.

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