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The Last Scream?

By Annika Harris

So Thirsty

Scream 5 was released on January 14, 2022 with a new set of Ghostface killers sweeping the small California town. This new killer is desperately craving to search for a new group of teenagers to uncover secrets from the town’s deadly past with the audience questioning who the new ghostface mask killer could be.

This script keeps you guessing and wanting more and although people could argue that all the scream movies are the same, some critics are calling this the best scream movie since the original bringing a fresh yet brutal new tone to this franchise. This movie stars some of the old favorites that have returned such as Jenna Ortega, and Mellissa Barrera who have been stated to somehow be “related to the original characters.” From the very start of this film, our main character Tara (Jenna Ortega), starts to become victimized by the masked killer with multiple phone calls off the landline followed by a text from her so-called friend Amber. However, this plot is much more complicated than that with the main characters coming together to hopefully put an end to it all making this movie possibly the end to the series.

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