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The Texas Standoff

Photo Credit: Texas Tribune

Tensions are concerningly high on our southern border. A major standoff has broken out between Texas state officials and US Border Patrol agents. The conflict, now formally known as The Standoff at Eagles Pass, has spread to a much wider issue than initially anticipated. With the intended purpose of guarding the southern border to prevent illegal immigration, it has now become a genuine concern among many people amidst fears of a second civil war.

Is Texas seceding from the United States really a possibility?
Photo Credit: BBC

As of now, the standoff has reached a stalemate. The Texas National Guard, along with their reinforcements from Oklahoma and Florida, have remained mostly quiet. So far, the deaths of three migrants have been the only casualties during this conflict. The three migrants, which included two children, drowned in the Rio Grande along a section of the river that Texas officials have barred the US Border Patrol from accessing. This incident led to both sides accusing each other of the deaths. Both sides have claimed innocence on the issue. The National Guard states that they searched for the migrants with search lights and night vision goggles but found no evidence of distress. On the other hand, the border patrol had no part in the matter since they were barred access to the area where the migrants were reported. 

Photo Credit: Revcom

Aside from the unfortunate deaths of the migrants, there hasn’t been a lot of traction on the issue. Its probably safe to say your fears of a second civil war or Texas secession can be thwarted. Without enough support, there’s almost zero chance that this whole situation will take off. In the town of Eagle Pass, residents have a lot of differing opinions on the matter. The Washington Post interviewed a few civilians living in the isolated border town. Jaime Iracheta, the Maverick County attorney, stated that they aren’t capable of handling such high numbers of immigrants coming through. Other local residents show a lack of support for Texas Governor Abbot’s approach to the situation but also vocalize disdain for the amount of resources that the immigrants require. First responders are often unable to help residents of Eagle Pass as they are held up with constant calls regarding illegal immigrants. The local hospital, which only has 18 beds, is also frequently swamped with injured immigrants and does not have enough personnel to treat everyone who needs help. 

It's hard to tell where this situation will go; although, it's very likely that interest and support for either side will die out by the end of this month. Border issues have been a common problem in the US for an untold number of years, and it's only a matter of time before this gets swept under the rug. Despite this, it is still important to acknowledge that a situation like this hasn’t happened for a long time—if ever. Hopefully, this will be a one-time event that can be resolved with no further casualties. For now, the most we can do is sit back and watch.

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