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The Use of AI At North Scott High School

Updated: Apr 2

Artificial Intelligence has existed since the 1950s when a computed program could run something like the game Checkers. But in the 21st century, there has been a dramatic increase in the capabilities of AI. In the last three years alone, the use of AI in the education system has skyrocketed. With capabilities to develop ideas, fix grammar, or even write an entire essay for someone. This has been a major problem for educators, especially high school teachers. Needed regulations were made that mostly put a stop to fully plagiarized essays. But what about when AI is used right? 

I conducted a short survey with responses from North Scott High School students and teachers, asking questions regarding the use of AI. The first question asked if they had ever used ChatGPT or any sort of AI software for school. 

More than half of the school, whether it be students or teachers have used some sort of AI at least once for school. I wanted to dive deeper to find out what specifically they were using AI for. I left a Dropbox where if they had marked yes, they had to explain what they had used it for. I was shocked that a vast majority have used it for a good purpose such as ideas, grammar, and more. 

After that, I asked if they believed the use of AI should be classified as cheating. I was worried that no one would say yes because they were students. But the data of this question matched up pretty well with the previous. 

A difference of around only four percent. Over 60% of North Scott High School believe that the helpful use of AI is not cheating. Most understand that AI and other software can be incredibly useful as long as you don't use it for bad intent. There is a key difference between letting AI write an entire essay for you and letting it give you suggestions on your work. 

But most importantly, what about teachers? My last series of questions involved the teachers of this school’s point of view. I first asked them the obvious, have they ever used AI of any sort for school? 

More than half of the teachers who voted said they have used it for some sort of help. But what are the benefits of using artificial intelligence for school?

AI in education helps educators identify gaps in student knowledge and provide targeted feedback to improve learning outcomes– Akash Takyar

Finally, I asked teachers what their overall opinion was for both them and students using AI. The answers seemed to have an overall pattern, the first thing I noticed was many teachers understanding the fact that AI is here to stay. Whether you love or hate it, it is undoubtedly not going away. Another thing I noticed was how they believe it is a very helpful tool when used with the correct supervision. Overall, teachers understand that AI is our inevitable future and that in the right hands, it can be used for great. 

When AI first started popping up in the education system teachers went to panic, and rightfully so. A technology that can ultimately help kids cheat, sounds scary. But as time goes on, there have been ways that make detecting these cheaters all the more easy. But in the right hands for the right purpose, AI can be truly incredible and is without a doubt, our future. 

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