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Tips for College Freshmen

With the school year coming to an end, many soon-to-be college students are getting antsy and nervous in anticipation of their new environments. College might be intimidating, so take it easy on yourself and follow these tips and freshman year should be a breeze! I have compiled a list of tips that may be helpful for the new school year:

  • Prioritize your assignments

  • Construct a healthy and useful schedule

  • Consider getting an on-campus job compared to an off-campus

  • Don’t put off your student loans

  • Avoid skipping class as often as possible

  • Participate in class

  • When you’re overwhelmed, take 15-30 minutes for a brain break

  • Try to find books online, bookstores are expensive

  • Own your identity, you’re flawless babe!

  • Study at the library

  • Try using a planner

  • Take advantage of free things

  • Bring flip flops or slippers for the shower

  • If you need help, don't be afraid to ask

  • Talk to your professors during their office hours

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