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Tips on Stress

Stress is a very common experience for high school students that takes a toll on grades and your health. High School students have a lot of pressure put on them every day from peers and parents. Stress can be overwhelming and sometimes may feel unbearable, but there are ways to tolerate and help relieve this.

Time passes very fast, everything is temporary and a simple mindset change will help you from getting stuck on an assignment, to finding the motivation to get help and figure it out thoroughly. Notice the sensations you are feeling and then try to understand what the reason is for your stress. Becoming mindful of the things you are doing will help your decision making processes.

Identifying a cause is the first step to treating it, whether it is a homework assignment you are stuck on or an upcoming test. Know that you are not alone. If you are stuck it is important to reach out. If you need to talk to someone, reach out.

Get enough sleep. I know, school starts extremely early but it is still important to get enough sleep to prepare you for your next day. Lack of sleep could lead to lack of ability to focus and function.

If you think you'd benefit from reaching out to a counselor please CLICK HERE.

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