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Valentines: Celebrate All Kinds of Love with these Three Acts

The season of love is upon us. The time when stores are filled with red hearts and candy. But why is it that romantic love is the only thing to celebrate? It’s called the season of love, so let’s celebrate all kinds. Self love, familial love, friendship love, the love of art, any kind of love or admiration that is best for you. So this Valentines Day, even if you do have someone, show more love than just the romantic kind. And here are some ways to do it.

The first being sending a letter or text to a loved one. This may seem small or embarrassing, but you never truly know what someone is thinking in their head. They could be having an awful day, and a loving message saying you appreciate them in your life could brighten their day. Never underestimate the power of a kind word.

Another way to show love is to yourself. This doesn’t have to be complex or like one of those $300 routines. It can be as simple as watching your favorite show, getting your favorite snack, or even just taking a nap. Caring for yourself is widely talked about today, which can be great. But people turn away from it when they need it most sometimes. So give yourself what you need and some peace and put yourself first.

Lastly, and this one may seem obvious. But, spending time with people. Your loved ones at the end of the day love you the most. Not the words you say or gifts you give. So, let them be with you and enjoy! The connection between two people romantic or platonic is one of a kind. Nothing can replicate that.

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