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We Hosted State Speech!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Some of our volunteers!

Hey all! The weekend before spring break, we had something super fun and fresh happen at North Scott! Throughout the course of the day, we had three thousand or more people come through our high school—all to compete in the State Speech competition. All of these people were served by two of our sponsors that actually came to the high school, those being Sips and North Scott Foods. Now, for those of you who don’t know what Speech is, there is a variety of different events that you can compete in. My favorite is Radio Broadcasting because I got to put together an entire radio broadcast in a half-hour prep period, and then subsequently perform it. Some other events that people like to compete in are: Musical Theatre (self-explanatory), reviewing (rating/explaining anything you want), or storytelling. There are more events than—that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I asked Jack Striegal about his experience (he was a timer for storytelling). His main reason for volunteering was he wanted some service hours, which is a pretty common reason why people help out.

"it was an enthralling experience"--Jack
Hannah Noonan performing at All-State

For someone who wasn't competing that day, that is some pretty high praise! It took a fair bit of planning and preparation to put this event on, whether that be recruiting judges to give out ratings, finding sponsors, or getting high school students to be room timers or room chairs. A big thanks to everyone who helped out through different clubs or just for funsies! Our personal North Scott Speech team also did very well, with 36 out of the 44 people who competed getting an overall 1 rating which is the highest you can get! Along with that, we had 12 people get nominated for All-State which is a huge achievement. I would encourage all of our readers to check out the speech team next year and get involved. Even if you aren't interested in performing, we have a place on the team for everyone!

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