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We Met Nic Stone!

Her book signing last Friday!

This week, I got the chance to meet a New York Times bestselling author, Nic Stone! It was so incredible to attend one of her talks and meet her at the book signing. This event was held at West High School, and I was invited because I am a part of the battle of the book team here at the High School. (Nerdy I know, just ignore that…) The rest of my team also went—that being Rachel Sorensen and Kaitlyn Knoche. Originally, I was not as interested in her talk as much as the book signing, mostly because I just wanted to meet her—that soon changed!

Nic Stone herself!

For some background on Nic Stone and who she is, she is a New York Times Bestselling author for her book Dear Martin, which some of you may have had to read in your English classes. She has written a multitude of other books which include Dear Justyce, Jackpot, Clean Getaway, and many others! She also has two kids which is so crazy to me because she didn’t even seem old enough to have kids when I met her. She has a kind of youthful vibe that made me want to be her friend! During her hour-long talk, she described a multitude of things about herself. She said a lot about finding her community and why she likes writing. According to her, it feels like she is getting away with something or doing something illegal for her job because her daily routine includes:

  1. Getting her kids ready for school and subsequently taking them to school

  2. Sitting on her couch and making stuff up!

  3. Getting paid for the stories she just made up.

Me meeting Nic Stone!

I don’t know about all of you guys, but that sounds like a pretty sick life (minus the kids—I’m 18). Some of the questions people asked were insensitive or tactless at times, it was West High School after all, but she handled it very well and genuinely cared about every person she was talking to.

"She seemed like someone who I could go out and get coffee with!"—Mr. Chapman

Her books typically deal with racism from her perspective and are loosely based on real situations worldwide. Nic said, “I get most of my story ideas from social media, sometimes things just make me mad and then I write a story about it.” Even if that isn’t the most interesting to you, it is always good to try out a book that you aren’t necessarily sure you will like! I have read Dear Martin, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it.

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