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Where to Work And Where to Avoid: Employment Reviews

Embarking on the journey of finding your first job can feel like navigating a labyrinth, from chasing elusive high-paying positions to weighing the allure of working alongside friends. The quest for the perfect fit is daunting, yet among the uncertainty, the beacon of reviews shines bright, guiding you toward the path that aligns with your yearning. Dive into the insights accumulated from firsthand experiences shared here, illuminating the landscape of possibilities and empowering you to make informed decisions on your career journey.

Hy-Vee with the most amount of reviews receives a score of 3.5 / 5 stars. The reviews came from different positions in the store but most have similar things to say about the other employees. Some received the hours they wanted while others didn’t and most people were not a huge fan of the customers. The fellow employees were nice all around but the service managers were a problem for a few.

Hy-Vee is a good place to work if you aren't looking to get a higher-paying job, the hours you request can fluctuate depending on what Hy-Vee you work at and how much you want to work. Overall Hy-Vee is a great place to get your first job, it’s slow and relaxing at most parts of the day with a little rush now and then. The best part is that people from school tend to work there and thus so may your friends.

Hours: 10-20 weeks

Starting pay: $11-$12

Employee courtesy: Friendly people

Employee Perks: 11% off on purchases once a week, free members subscription

Recommend working here: Yes

Second on the list is Twists Ice Cream, this place receives a score of 3.5 / 5 also. Some people received the hours they wanted while others did not. The employees were nice there and you also get perks for being an employee; You get a free ice cream when working but also get 50% off when coming in at a different time. The starting pay is $10 an hour. Great work environment and is closed through the winter season.

Hours: 3 per week - 8 per day

Starting pay: $10

Employee courtesy: Nice people

Employee Perks: 50% off, Workday Free Ice Cream

Recommend working here: Yes

The Fun Station with a score of 4 / 5. There are mixed reviews on the people working there but it sounds like most of them are nice. The kids can be a hassle especially if you are not good with them. The pay seems to be a bit low for the people working there but most employees enjoy their job there.

Hours: 10 - 30

Starting pay: 12

Employee courtesy: Mixed

Employee Perks: 50% off of Cafe items

Recommend working here: Yes

Subway with a bad review, 2.5 / 5. The employees seem to not like the place. The managers are the biggest problem around the employment there. The pay is good depending on where you are. No Employee perks are recorded in the responses. The employees aren’t the most friendliest of people.

Hours: 10 - 30

Starting pay: 10 - 13

Employee courtesy: Not very nice

Employee Perks: None recorded

Recommend working here: No

Various other options:

Chick-fil-A, Front of House is better, do not go to Back of House. Starting pay is based on the hours you work. 30 hours makes $11 until you become a team member. After becoming a team member you get a free meal under $7 free fountain drinks as long as you bring your own cup. People are very nice there. Do not go to Back of House

Whitey’s, starting pay is $13, free ice cream after shift, 50% discount on ice cream. You are scooping ice cream all day. It’s cool during the summer, the people can be nice but some are not. If you are a male with long hair, cut it, they do not like it.

Scott County Library is good for the people that like the quiet, book lovers too. The pay is only $7.96 but that can be made up for with the slowness and it being a relaxing job.

Babysitting, for the people who can deal with kids, can benefit the future if you want to be a teacher in any way and need a way to get used to kids. Babysitting can pay really well depending on the children and the family. Getting paid big with easy kids can be a good job.

McDonald’s, the hours are very flexible, with good pay of around $13-$15. The people there can be nice but some can’t. You will be working fast food though and that is not for everyone.

YMCA, the management is terrible, lying wages, a lot of lying. There was nothing positive about this work environment.

The abundance of reviews gathered from our school community offers a rich tapestry of insights to aid in your quest for the ideal job fit. As you sift through these perspectives, may they serve as a compass, steering you toward a career path aligned with your aspirations and values. While the outset of employment may not always mirror your passions, each experience is a stepping stone towards honing essential skills of adaptability and diligence. Let these shared perspectives be both a guide and a source of encouragement as you embark on your professional journey, fortified by the knowledge that challenges are but opportunities in disguise, paving the way for your future success.

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Something that surprised me was how low the YMCA was rated. Especially compared to the otherwise mostly positive to mid ratings of the others.

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