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The Age-Old Debate: Pancheros or Chipotle?

The age-old debate, which is better, Chipotle or Pancheros. Now everyone has their own opinion on this debate but in this article I will be talking about my opinion on this debate and then talking about the schools opinion. 

Pancheros is better than Chipotle and it’s not even close

Kalob’s opinion

In my opinion, Pancheros is better than Chipotle and it’s not even close. The first reason is that Pancheros actually mixes their ingredients so that you get an even amount of every ingredient in one bite. As far as Chipotle, one bite could be all protein and the very next bite could be all rice. Just not very consistent. The second reason is because of the queso. Pancheros queso actually tastes like queso but Chipotle’s queso tastes like they took the rainwater off of the road and put some glue in it to make it look like queso, not good at all. The third and final reason is ease of access. At Pancheros, you can enter and leave fairly easily but turning left at 53rd street leaving Chipotle is IMPOSSIBLE. 

School’s opinion

Now that I shared my opinion with you guys, it’s time to see what your other classmates had to say about this debate. Earlier this week I sent out a google form to the school asking them a few questions and these are the results. 

Q: What is your normal order at Chipotle/Pancheros?

I asked this question to see if one side favors their side more because of what they get (etc. they get a burrito so they like pancheros more). Out of the 100 responses I got, 49% of them said they usually get a burrito, 34% say they get a bowl, and tacos and quesadillas combined to 17%. 

Q: Which restaurant is better?

This one was very close in numbers with Pancheros narrowly beating Chipotle with 45.5% percent of votes. Chipotle got 41.6% of the votes and the people who don’t like either of them got 12.9% of the votes. This was exciting to watch as the votes came in because Chipotle had the most votes and then all of a sudden Pancheros went ahead and it stayed the same. 

Q: Why did you vote for what you did?

The final question I asked was why they voted for which restaurant they did. Here are the top three responses that I think explain this debate perfectly:

“My actual answer is both are just as good. It just depends what you want, if you want a bowl go to Chipotle. If you want a burrito go to Pancheros (I just like the way they mix it) but sense I usually get burritos I choose Pancheros.”

“I love Chipotle because their food is just more seasoned than Pancheros. Chipotle just has more spice to their meat and also their toppings are better. Also, I just hate Pancheros because they have blue corn chips.”

“Pancheros burritos have better ingredients, and the chipotle ingredients have a weird flavor, especially the queso.”

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1 opmerking

It was just two weeks ago me, my girlfriend, and her sister all went out to get chipotle and i created an argument saying pancheros is better, we decided we were going to do a debate on it later this month but i love the fact that this came out just now. I AGREE THE QUESO SUCKS!

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