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Tips for Packing

Updated: May 22

Summer is coming up and you know what that means. As people around the globe head for the runways and the sandy shores of Florida or the heat of Arizona, as well as many other destinations, travel is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. One important thing to any good vacation is a proper packing job and making sure you pack everything you need is critical. I can remember so many times I forgot socks or swimming trunks and had to use my parents money to replace it simply because of my own clumsiness. So this year, as any good writer on the topic should vow to do, I intend to not forget anything and this packing list is not only for me but for the entire family of The Lance as well.

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money. -- Susan Heller

It is hard to encompass all of the variety of things one may pack for a summer vacation. Different people have different preferences and need as well as reactions to certain kinds of weather. However, there are some things that everyone needs to remember to pack and this is your friendly reminder to be carefree and enjoy the world this summer.

Clothes and Accessories

For a large majority of travelers this summer season, sunglasses will be towards the top of their packing list. Eye protection is absolutely essential in the blazing heat and not only do they offer protection but can also spice up any outfit you are looking for the finishing touch to. You may want to bring an extra pair in case one gets lost or broken which can be very easy to do with so many stops and flights along the way to your destination. Another popular item to include in your suitcase is a sun hat. Whether you are laying out by the pool or laying in bed with the sun peeking through your windows, this hat will help shade your face from the harmful rays and keep you comfortable as it is very lightweight. If you only bring one, something that can be very useful when you are not wearing it is a hat clip

Shorts seem like an obvious and universal item but are easy to forget, for guys and girls alike some lightweight shorts or jean shorts can be thrown into your bag in large supply to get you through your vacation feeling comfortable and clean. As for what to wear on your feet, sandals are a definite must as summer temperatures can be a little toasty on the dogs. You don’t have to worry about throwing away your style either, buy yourself a pair of Birkenstocks or cute sandals with a cushioned sole that are comfortable for walking around in. Another thing to keep in mind is toiletries. I have seen my brother go a week without brushing his teeth and trust me you do not want to be around someone like that, so make it simple and be sure to pack toothpaste and a toothbrush as well as deodorant to smell good all summer long.

Items and Games Needed to Survive a Trip

For all readers out there, their time of year is gearing up in a big way as across the globe women and men will relax in their pool chairs getting a good tan on while invested in the new hot romance novel. Most high schoolers will tell you they don’t like to read but if you were to look around during the summer you will find many of the “cool” kids occasionally will pick up a book around the pool in the summer. Sunscreen is definitely in the top five things to pack when going on a vacation, while we have other ways of protection like sunglasses and sunhats, these two things can only do so much to protect your body from dangerous UV rays that could cause cancer. However, it is important to consider the area you are traveling too when deciding how much sunscreen you need to bring, if any.

Yes I know, the point of vacation is to have fun but there are still items to pack that enhance the quality of your trip. Clearly, given that no one goes anywhere these days without their cellular devices, this is a vital thing to remember, along with a few chargers. Bringing a pair of AirPods is just as important because for someone that finds it hard to fall asleep in the car, music can help. While it isn’t a solution for everyone, playing some soft music to put yourself to sleep can alleviate the boredom that comes with long car rides. Games like Spot It or Yahtzee are great games for the car that can spice up the ride and keep everyone laughing and having a good time. Yahtzee is very simple because all you need is a box and some dice or if you have an electronic version that is a simple way to have a little competition with your family on the road trip.

Tips for Packing

There are numerous more things that are important to remember but hitting on some of the key packing tips seems necessary because of how bad Americans are at packing. In my own family, this is glaringly obvious because we constantly have arguments when it comes time to pack. Zoya Gervis illustrates a recent study that proves this to be true.

If you struggle to pack a suitcase or find it the most stressful part of any trip you’re not alone. In a new study examining Americans travel and packing habits, 65 percent admit to having real difficulty when it comes to packing for a trip. -- Zoya Gervis

  • Keep it Neutral!  Coming up with vacation outfits especially for girls who have so many clothes to choose from can be difficult. The best way to avoid picking too many outfits is staying away from a colorful wardrobe and packing neutral colors that make it relatively comfortable to match every day.

  • Plan your outfits in advance. In order to prevent packing too many clothes or not enough, take into consideration how long you are going to be gone and pack accordingly based on activities you are doing.

  • Bring a Health or First Aid Kit. You never know what bug bites, scrapes, cuts, and sickness you may encounter on vacation so making sure to have a bag with medicine, Neosporin, Band-Aids is critical.

  • Roll, don't fold. With the dangers of overpacking, and certain people who will always stress about having enough clothes anyways, rolling your clothes can allow you to fit more clothes in your suitcase rather than folding them.

  • Wear your heaviest items on the plane. Wearing things like jackets and boots frees up space in your luggage and makes it easier to fit your carry on bag on the plane and also allows you to stay warm because you can always take layers off.

When you go to pack for vacation this year, think about these tips and have a stress free time getting ready for your summer getaway. Thank You, and have a great summer Lancers!

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