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Tutu Total: You Did It--over $500 Raised

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Thanks to all who donated to the Humane Society!

2-Tutu-Tutu: See Your Teachers in a Tutu

We see teachers almost everyday of our lives for nearly 13 years. They’re often donning professional attire, excluding jeans on Friday. But, imagine a world where we, the students, were allowed to decide the fate of a teacher’s fashion choice for the day . . . like a tutu. With the National Honor Society’s 2-Tutu-Tutu fundraiser, this could become a reality.

Why 2-Tutu-Tutu?

This fundraiser takes place for the majority of February, and the tutu-wearing will happen on the 22nd. The name of the fundraiser comes from the date itself, the twenty-second day of the second month of the twenty-second year of this millennium. The proceeds, while not only paying for entertaining students, will also benefit the Scott County Humane society. So, 2-Tutu-Tutu is for a wonderful cause, with a humorous reward.

Teachers Wearing Tutus

As the amount of money raised increases, so will the amount of teachers wearing tutus on the 22nd. The money raised directly correlates to the teacher wearing a tutu. The list goes as follows:

Hubner - $50

Laber - $100

Onken- $150

Tippet - $200

Schwartz - $250

Knoche - $300

Kelly - $350

Stewart - $400

Whole English Department - $500

Where to Donate

Cash donations can be placed in the blue tupperware bins found in any English teacher’s room. If cash isn’t an appealing option, credit card donations may be taken in the main office. Any amount of money donated is beneficial towards the cause.

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