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Post Prom keeps students safe and entertained

On Saturday, April 30th, North Scott had its prom on the Celebration Belle. While students enjoy the music and seeing their classmates dressed up, many look forward to post prom more so than prom.

Post prom takes place at the Junior high and is a way to prevent students from getting intoxicated after prom and keeping the students safe, until Four in the morning that is. Post prom consists of games, inflatables, food and a hypnotist. Super sized Jenga, an obstacle course, and a soccer game played in huge hamster balls seemed to be the favorites. One post prom attendee, Killian Gard, said of the activities “It’s fun but they’re really tiring, I’m sweating.”

After the activities wrapped up, all post prom attendees were able to participate in the balloon drop, each balloon containing a small amount of money. After the money drop, seniors were called to win prizes. I won a fair fun card, something I’m appreciative of as it will save me 50 dollars this summer. Some students were lucky enough to win TVs and expensive soundbars and headphones, while others won door basketball hoops. There was no complaining though--free stuff isn’t something people usually complain about. Many students opted to trade their prizes. One student, Connor Brown, traded $50 in Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards for a door basketball hoop, exclaiming “girls love basketball, they’ll always want to be in our dorm now.”

After the prizes were distributed, students sat in the bleachers to get ready for the hypnotist. Students were picked at random and then others were allowed to come up. Around 20 people started and then that number was cut in half. Once the hypnosis started the hypnotist described situation to those hypnotized. One highlight of the event was when he played music and told the subjects to dance. Some students danced to the beat while others looked like zombies.

Post prom seemed to be a very fun time for everybody involved. While there were some students that were intoxicated at the event, it enclosed them in a safe environment and prevented any problems from occurring. Post prom was fun and did its job of giving students an alternative and safer after prom activity.

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