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A Time Capsule for 2034

by: Duncan DeMarr

Earlier this week, I sent out a form about a time capsule article that will be published in 2034. If you didn’t get a chance to submit something, here is a link to the form. A lot can happen in ten years, and I thought it’d be interesting to create a sort of time capsule, in the form of an article that’ll be published in ten years. Anything can happen in that time, and there’s a chance that it will never get published. 

The Lance might not exist in 2034 (the most likely out of these possibilities). The article itself might be lost before it can be published. Our high school might not exist then. Society itself might even collapse before then. If it does get published,

I think it’d be very interesting for students in 2034 to get a glimpse of what things are like now. 

If you think about it, we’re sort of living in the past right now. From our perspective, everything going on is just things that are happening currently. In 100 years though, everything that happened now is set in stone, something that happened. People will look at things now in the same way we look at things from the 1920s. People in the 1920s just thought of it as the current year, the same way we think of the 2020s. Most people then probably didn’t think about the idea of their lives being the distant past for someone in the 2020s. In the same way, our lives will be the distant past for someone in the 2120s.

Half a year ago, the fourth block was placed in this 120 block pyramid. This pyramid is called Zeitpyramide, which translates to “Time Pyramid.” The first block was placed in 1993. Every ten years, a new block is placed. It doesn’t look like much now, but in about 1,000 years, the pyramid will be complete, marking the end of an era. The fact that it’s every 10 years is interesting, because it’s short enough that you actually get to see progress throughout your lifetime, but long enough that you will never get to see it completed. Unless we invent some form of immortality, nobody alive today will live to see this completed, in the year 3183. That’s so far in the future that there’s sci-fi shows set before then. And actually, with our current technological progress there’s a good chance our world will look pretty sci-fi by then.

The fifth block of the Zeitpyramide will be placed in 2033. By the time the time capsule article is released, 2034, another block will be in the pyramid. See you then!

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