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Could There be a Shrek 5?

Updated: Mar 26

There is one question that has lasted throughout ages.

Even in our caveman days, we longed to know the answer to this one simple question. Some believed the answer may simply be no. Others, however, held out their last strands of hope that maybe, just maybe, the answer to this question, could be a resounding yes. The question in question?

Could there be a Shrek 5?

This is a question that has many facets. Is there anything in the Shrek universe that hasn’t already been explored by other movies? Does Dreamworks actually want to make this movie? Do they have enough resources to produce something that can live up to the previous movies? Is Shrek 5 something people want to see?

These questions are what I will be attempting to answer today. Yesterday, I was completely stumped on what article I should write for The Lance, until I suddenly had the genius insight necessary to come to a startling decision: googling Shrek 5. I was not expecting to find much, but what I found profoundly changed my perspective on life.

There will be a Shrek 5. Announced in 2023, Mike Myers will return as Shrek, along with Eddie Murphy as Donkey. Not much is known about it, but it seems like it will be released in 2025. No trailer has been released yet, but in my search I found a lot of fanmade trailers. As soon as the first trailer releases for this movie, I am sure the world will be enraptured, eagerly awaiting the full release of the movie.

You may think this is all I could possibly say about Shrek 5, and you would be right, but I found out something else while looking for information on Shrek 5. Apparently there is another movie planned, expanding the Shrek Cinematic Universe even further. There are plans for a spinoff featuring arguably the second best, or maybe even best character in Shrek. That character, of course, is Donkey. Yes, this is an actual thing they’re planning, it’s awesome. At last, I have shared everything I know. Use this information wisely.

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