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Places at North Scott that Changed my Life

Mr. Chapman sharing some tears for one of his awesome students leaving

Here it is. My last article for the North Scott Lance. No clue how to wrap up my whole experience for the school newspaper and what to write my last article about. The fantastic memories I have made in high school have made me who I am today. More specifically, The Lance made me want to further my education in mass communications. Now enough of this somewhat sad stuff, and I’ll share some of my highlights through photos of the high school.

Some spots around the high school where I made many memories; some were awesome, while others were quite humiliating. Now take some time and sit back while scrolling through some pictures of spots around the high school that cherish some of my favorite memories.

Snack Line

First, I want to give a massive shout-out to the lunch ladies for constantly unlocking the door for me to come and get a snack. The snack line holds a ton of memories for me. I spent more time waiting in line than in some of my classes. Such fabulous food I enjoyed in this room. It’s a hard goodbye to my second home; not one dull moment was spent here except when I was told my lunch account was too low to get a snack. But still, such a beautiful place was one of the best highlights of all four of my years. Goodbye, North Scott snack line.

Spanish Speaking Assessment Chair

This chair isn’t just an ordinary chair. I spent most of my time humiliating myself while sitting on this chair. It’s where the Spanish teachers do the speaking assessments with all of their students, by the way. I’m glad to say goodbye to this anxiety creator, but it’s also quite sad that I don’t get to have another conversation with Miss McGee attempting to understand me. Incredible memories in this chair, but I will never have to do it again. Goodbye, Spanish-speaking assessment chair.

Spanish March Madness

Spanish music makes me so happy. You can pull up Spanish music for any function, and everyone will be vibing. It’s my go-to aux. This Spanish board opened my music horizon to hear so many new songs that I now have on my playlist. The Spanish teachers have excellent music taste, which was a great way for us to learn new vocab, be in a competition, and get more style in our music taste. I will miss this competition board. (ps. Let’s Get Crazy - Lil Jon is always the winner).

Public Speaking Stage

This is where I made many memories--sure not the best ones, but I will remember every moment up here. I guess you could say the public speaking stage was an anxiety creator. I will miss it low-key, though; I overcame many fears up here and made myself a better communicator. If you are a junior, make sure to give a speech next year. It’s scary but only better for your future situations.

My Locker #D144

Last but not least is my locker. From freshman year, I’ve had this baby by my side. Many memorable moments were spent in front of this locker--from storing all of my gum to giving me a place to stall time in the hallway. I hope my locker treats the next freshman as well as it treats me. D144 will always have a special place in my heart.

Well, that’s a wrap for writing for The Lance. I wish all seniors the best of luck next year and a special farewell to Mr. Chapman. Mr. Chapman provided an excellent environment for us kids to better ourselves and our writing skills. I have never enjoyed writing more than I did this semester with him. This class was a lot of fun and taught me a new style for my writing. I recommend you juniors to take it next year. Adios!

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