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Review of Planet Hollywood Cancun

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

North Scott Group in Mexico

Spring break is a time to go on vacation or relax at home. For my senior year, I decided to go to Planet Hollywood Cancun with some of my friends. This Mexico resort had many pros and cons, so I am giving you a full review of how my week at planet Hollywood Cancun was spent.

The Food and Drinks

First, you can get two different classes at this resort: standard type and star class. These classes were what determined where you stayed and the items you got. My group got average class, so we were on the right side of the resort with a couple of restaurants. It was an all-inclusive resort, yet the star class was the only people that could make reservations to go to the steak house restaurant or sushi place. It was minimal food for us because we needed the option to make reservations as the star class did. My friends and I always went to the buffet because we had no other options. The buffet had some decent options, but the looks were better than the taste of the food. They had a perfect burger place we would always go to during the day to fill us up, and it didn’t matter what class we were in. The drinks were hard to get in line because you could only get them in the cabanas. When we were parched from sitting on the beach, we would have to wait in line to get a soda, yet sometimes we would only get served if we had tip money; it started to defeat the purpose of an all-inclusive resort. There was some excellent food and drinks there, but sadly, it would have been better if we had paid extra for the star class.

Planet Hollywood Resort

The Beach

I loved the beach of this resort, there were plenty of chairs, and we weren’t left stranded lying on the sand. The cabana was lovely along the coast and gave us nice shade when we got toasty from the sun. The waves were huge, and there was always a red flag out for the beach, but that didn’t stop us girls from swimming in the ocean. We would go out pretty deep and cruise with the waves. It was super chill. We also had the opportunity to take hobby cats and kayaks out in the ocean, so looking at the fish and sailing along the sea was super cool. The beach made this trip for me!

It's a great family environment with plenty of activities to keep you entertained for the week; I personally like the lazy river! -- Rhyan Schneckloth, a two-time Planet Hollywood Visitor.

Daytime Activities

Planet Hollywood entertained their guests with events along the beach and the pool. There were volleyball tournaments every day that was super fun to participate in with all the people from different schools around the United States. There was also a foam party where the workers danced to loud music, and foam and beach balls surrounded the pool. That was one of my favorite events with which planet Hollywood supplied us, guests. I loved how they entertained their guests with many events that everyone could participate in.

Michael Jackson!

The Night Entertainment

In the center of the resort, there is a vast stage. People would perform different acts for two hours every night and entertain the guests. On the first night, there was a Michael Jackson interpreter who was super cool because he could dance just like the real one. My friend and I got a picture with him, and he was a super chill dude. Planet Hollywood also supplied a club for 18 and older, so some of us went up there to dance to music with our parents, which was decently funny to watch. Overall a lot of activities to do, including sunset painting throughout the night.

Planet Hollywood Cancun supplies an excellent environment for me and my friends to spend our senior trip. We had so much fun with all of the activities we were allowed to do. The only thing that stunk was the star class, spending more money to get more even though it was an “all-inclusive” resort. Still a beautiful place that I recommend you go for a spring break trip some year!

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