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Roll Up To Robotics!

Updated: Apr 10

Have you ever wanted to be engaged in a group with fellow engineers, coders, and passionate individuals? Well, if so, the North Scott Robotics Team is the perfect extracurricular for you. 

It’s an amazing program, and we’re super lucky to have it. -- Cora Vannorsdel, Robotics Team Outreach Coordinator

Cora Vannorsdel, the outreach coordinator of the Robotics Team, was eager to speak to me in regards to the team. She states that the Robotics team builds a robot entirely by themselves. It’s completely custom: they program it, have various parts custom-made, and beyond building, the students do all of the programming for the robot.

In addition to completely building a robot, the Robotics Team does a lot of outreach. The team goes out to elementary schools, the Mississippi Valley Fair, and they also coach and mentor Lego League Teams at elementary schools within the district. 

So, not only does the Robotics Team value learning hard skills such as engineering and coding, but it also teaches soft skills such as communication, leadership, and problem solving.

If you're interested in joining the robotics team next season, I highly encourage checking it out! For more information, be sure to email the coach and sponsor of the Robotics Team, Ms.Mess, 

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