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The Beginning of the End

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

As the second semester proposes a fresh start for many students, it resembles a sort of final chapter for North Scott’s senior class. Although a rude awakening for the ill-prepared, many hard-working seniors have accepted their upcoming departure with maturity and grace.

Exemplifying the importance of hard work paying off is senior, Adam Allen. Allen has taken advantage of some of the more difficult classes at North Scott, and said, “I’ve been planning my whole high school career to get as much college done for free as I can.” He continued, “now that second semester is here, I’m quite satisfied with the fruits of my labor through the years.” Allen is quite excited to be on his own in the upcoming school year and is ready for the world to “bring it on.” In addition to Allen’s excitement for independence, Hudson Davis, a friend of his, had a few words to add. Davis explained, “You know, before I came here or got here–to this last semester–I thought I’d be sad. But I’m growing up, and out of the high school way of life. I’m ready to be independent. I’ll miss the people, but I’m looking forward to what’s to come.” Many seniors are excited for what the world has to offer them. Austin Lee is especially excited for school to be over and has put a strong emphasis on the future. Lee explained, “I am excited for this to be my last semester at North Scott. We are close to being done and gone. I don’t say that because I’ve had an awful time, but because I am curious for the future—curious if the work we have put in at this place has actually prepared us for the future.” Elysia Kubitz had a similar stance saying, “it feels like I’m turning the last few pages in the only book I’ve ever read in the last 13 years. I’m anxious and ready for the next step in my life beyond high school and North Scott.” Kaitlyn Wood added, “I'm glad it’s ending because I know I'm ready for bigger and better things, but I guess I'll miss the security of high school.” Though some high schoolers relish the thought of senior year, some cannot wait for its end. Trinity Jewell stated,“personally I don't think it's [graduation] coming by fast enough and I am done with high school, it's crazy that it's going to be over within just 4 months but I've felt burnt out for awhile now.” Although it may seem cynical at first glance, this is a common feeling among the general population of seniors. Though high school may be coming to an end, it is not with feelings of regret. Many of the graduating class are hungry to see

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