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What in the World is the Sphere in Las Vegas?

Updated: 6 days ago

by Madolyn Lewis

Las Vegas hosts the country’s biggest shows, a massive hit for tourist shows. Recently, a new arena has been under construction in Las Vegas. This isn’t just an ordinary arena; this one will be in the shape of a sphere and include substantial technological advancements. The MSG Sphere in Las Vegas will be opening this fall. This sphere will hold 20,000 people for music and other entertainment. On September 27th, 2018, it was announced that the globe would be built. It was projected to be finished by 2021 but was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; therefore will be opening in the fall of 2023. The MSG sphere is a significant technological advancement and will give the audience a whole other level of experience at the show. The roof took over 3,000 tons of steel, and all interior and exterior have 580,000 square foot LED screens to perform an explicit show on the outside. The venue will cost about 1.8 billion dollars.


Inside of Sphere

The inside of the MSG Sphere will be larger than three football fields. When the construction is all done, this arena will be the most giant LED screen on earth! It will have 23 VIP sections, 17,500 seats, and a standing room for 2,500 people. The screen in this arena will be extremely clear from the millions of pixels; the screen will wrap around the venue, giving every seat a breathtaking show. The screen technology is so advanced to provide the most crisp picture.

Higher look of the MGS Sphere interior

An article called “MSG Sphere Las Vegas Complete Guide” states, “To keep up with the screen, the acoustic system will utilize 157,000 ultra-directional speakers with “beam forming” technology and an infrasound haptic system so the audience can feel the sound in the form of deep vibrations. This technology creates an immersive environment that will allow two people sitting at different places to hear and feel two different things, creating a unique experience for every guest.” The technology going into this sphere is impressive and shows our advanced future.

The MGS sphere in Las Vegas will considerably change and advance the live performance industry. A new type of technology will be put into shows to perform in this unique venue. Las Vegas already hosts the most superior shows, but now it is getting top tier with the construction of the MGS Sphere.

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