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20 Things to do in Summer

You’re laying in your room, staring up at the ceiling, bored out

of your mind. Summer is finally here, but you have no idea how to spend your days free of responsibilities. Fear not! Here is a list of things to do locally that are sure to cure your boredom:

  1. Go try a new ice cream shop. My favorite is Cups & Cones in Dewitt.

  2. Go to a bookstore and look around at books.

  3. Go on a hike.

  4. Watch movies that make you feel nostalgic.

  5. Go thrifting! If you've been to all of the thrift stores around here, take a road trip and visit a new one.

  6. Teach yourself how to cook.

  7. Start journaling.

  8. Take surveys online to make money.

  9. Try geocaching.

  10. Go stargazing.

  11. Have a picnic with your friends.

  12. Visit a museum.

  13. Go listen to some local music.

  14. Learn a skill you've always wanted to try.

  15. Reorganize or redecorate your room.

  16. Watch a new TV show.

  17. Find places to volunteer.

  18. Go through your things and donate some of them.

  19. Do a challenging puzzle.

  20. Visit the farmers market and buy some local produce.

Make sure to make your summer fun and exciting; the possibilities are endless!

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