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Makeup Hack: How to “Bake” Your Face

Don't worry, no ovens involved.

The worst part about getting ready for a big evening has to be spending hours on your makeup, only to find that it’s melting off of your face by the time you get to dinner. One solution to this problem is “baking.” Baking is a technique that was created by drag queens to ensure their makeup stays on their face throughout their shows. Baking uses the heat of your face to seal your makeup, creating a flawless finish without any creases or movement.

To bake your face you need liquid concealer that either matches your skin, or is one or two shades lighter to highlight your face. You also need translucent powder, which is a colorless loose powder for your face. For tools you will need: a Beauty Blender or makeup sponge, a clean wedge makeup sponge, and a fluffy brush.

I started off with a clean, moisturized face and applied primer and liquid foundation.Primer is essential for events like Homecoming, where you’ll want your makeup to stay on for multiple hours, especially while you’re sweating and dancing throughout the night.

Next, I applied liquid concealer in a triangle shape under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, on my chin and forehead, and any other spots I wanted to conceal.

I then blended the edges out with the tip of my Beauty Blender to eliminate any lines.

Next, I wetted the square end of the wedge sponge with water and patted the excess to make the sponge damp. I dipped the sponge in the translucent powder and patted it on the concealer. The important part of this step is to use lots of powder. Really cake it on your face.

Then you let your face sit for 10 minutes. You can work on your eyes, get your brows on point, prep your hair, have a dance party, whatever. After the ten minutes you might notice that some oils have seeped through the powder. That’s perfectly fine. The oils are helping to smooth out the concealer and make your face look flawless.

After 10 minutes has passed, take your fluffy brush and swipe the powder off of your face in short flicking motions. What you’ll be left with is a flawless face that won’t move all night. Now you are free to add blush, contour and highlight, and move on the to the rest of your makeup. Don’t forget to set your makeup with a setting spray for extra insurance

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