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The Faces of the Arts

Kassidy Suiter shared how art has helped her learn and experience new things, in and outside of life. Sitting in the art room, Kassidy picks at the dried paint on her jeans as she explains: “I am a senior. You know, I kind of was always doing art. Drawing in my room, or projects that I had in schools; however, I didn’t really know art till high school. It opened up my eyes to new techniques and to new styles. It’s crazy how much you think you know, but then you have such great teachers, like Mrs. Mess, who are willing to show you unfamiliar and almost scary things. You learn in every aspect, and it is the most amazing experiences. I actually work at HyVee as a florists, and sometimes customers will ask me what I like for arrangements, and I'll try different flowers some would never really expect.”

North Scott High School offers many art classes starting with Art Survey, and working up to Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Graphic Design, and etc. Any students are allowed to take these classes. There is also an Art Club, which students (participating in art classes or not) are welcome to come anytime. They start at 3:30 on Wednesday in Mrs. Mess’s room, where you get the chance to not only create but also have fun and make new friends.

The arts bring positive, enjoyable, and creative vibes into high schools around the world. Next time you pass that sculpture or painting in the halls, take a minute to appreciate the students and their hard work.

North Scott High School. Look around and you see white walls, speckled floors, and closed doors as students learn. Look closer, and you’ll see color, imagination, and inspiring creations.

Since the remodel of North Scott High School in 2015, students, staff, and visitors have been able to see more student created artworks. Whether you look in the library, the auditorium lobby, or the display cases in the hallway, people are being exposed to such imagination and creativity. But, who are the faces behind these amazing creations we pass by everyday?

Let’s meet a couple of the art students, learn about their passions, and see how the art department has affected them in their high school career.

Isobel LaCorte is very passionate about creating art, and how it affects her. Standing backstage at the Aud, Isobel waves her hands between us as she speaks: “I am a sophomore. I started art classes my freshman year, and I knew I already loved the arts--I had experienced it throughout junior high. So I started with the Art Survey, and now I'm taking classes like: Drawing, Painting, etc. Although I do like my classes, my passion is photography. It can really capture the moments, and tell stories without any words. I’ve taken pictures of my sister, of my friends, nature, and anything else I can really get my hands on. Not only do I get to capture the beauty of others, but it gives me a sense of escape when I get negative thoughts or am having a bad day. You know, it gives me a sense of positivity, because I can just let everything else around me go.”



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